End Of The Line?


It has been a while since I last posted anything here and this will probably be my last post to a blog which has probably ran its course.

I originally started the blog to mark my progress as I got back into an activity I enjoyed as a youth – cycling. Albeit, this time, with an electric bike. Some two-and-a-half years later I am still enjoying the experience and hope to do so for many more years to come.

My rides consist of local tried and tested routes with not too much variation, hence there is little new material to draw upon to keep this blog fresh. As far as my bike is concerned, it is still going strong having clocked up 2800 miles during that period. Aside from punctures and a new front light, it has held up very well. At some stage soon, I know I will need to change the disc pads and maybe invest in some new tyres. The battery will last a while yet and is more than adequate for the rides I undertake.

I will be focusing my writing activities on my other blog. In addition, I have one or two others planned including one which I will be launching shortly on ant-keeping. All my blogs are inter-linked for easy navigation.

Signing off for now, but still cycling!

Please visit my other blogs.



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Electric Bike Scheme -First to be launched in the UK

The UK’s first city-wide electric bike scheme has been launched in Exeter.

The “Co-bikes” are currently available from five sites in Exeter, including the central train station, the university and Sowton Park and Ride.

It’s hoped that by spring 2017 there will be eight hubs around the city.

The initiative has been launched with support from Department of Transport, while Devon County Council has helped to fund the scheme.

Mark Hodgson, Managing Director of Co-bikes, said: “After years of planning, we’re very excited to be launching Co-bikes in Exeter.

“The Co-bikes electric bikes are changing the way that people travel around the city and are affordable and easy as well as being great fun to ride”, he added.

For people who choose to become members, the service will cost 75p for 30 minutes, while non-members will pay double.

The bikes have small electric motors which can travel distances of between 40 and 60 miles, and allow speeds of up to 15mph.

Courtesy of http://www.bbc.co.uk

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Tyrolean bicycles …

I’m on holiday in the Tyrol region of Austria. Here are a selection of bicycles I’ve spotted on my travels to date.

Someone left this outside too long


Wooden you believe this is a bike?


Hard to spot!


The new “Sunflower” range …


Someone left this outside too long

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Puncture woes …

Today I decided to go on one of my favourite routes. A nice jaunt on the Hart to Haswell trail from Hart Station to Castle Eden, then back home through Blackhall and along the coast road to Hart Village. Usually about 90 minute run out.

Things never go as you plan them do they? It was a hot, sunny day. I made sure I took some water with me and boy am I glad I did! The trail ride up to Castle Eden is uphill most of the way and rough track in places, but okay on a hybrid bike, with a little power from my electric motor when needed.

The ride was going well until I came off the trail and was riding along the Castle Eden to Blackhall stretch of road. Puncture! The tyre on the rear wheel was flat. I cursed a little – why couldn’t it be the quick-release front wheel? It would have been a much simpler fix – a change of inner tube (I always carry a spare).

So I set about fiddling about getting the inner tube off with the rear wheel in situ. I quickly realised I had repaired this tube a number of times judging from all the patches – perhaps there were more patches than actual tyre! Mmm, I thought – I must replace this when I get back home.

I quickly found the fault – an old patch had given up and was leaking air. I replaced it and spent some time with my mini pump inflating the inner tube up. A mini pump seemed like a good idea at the time but you have to put a lot of effort in for little output or so it seemed. Maybe I need to get one of those air injection devices to use in an emergency?

I managed to get about a mile further down the road and the tyre was flat again. Out with the inner tube again. I found another suspect patch and the one I had repaired was covering a split in the rubber inner tube when I examined it. I knew I was going to have a problem getting the bike home. I put a couple more patches on, inflated it and set off again. I managed to get within 3 miles or so of home before it finally gave up again. I tried to reinflate, but the pump was having no impact.

So I ended up pushing the bike back home rather than try another repair job. The water came in handy and according to my activity tracker I certainly burned some calories on what was supposed to be a little morning jaunt out!


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Fancy joining Darth Vader?


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Juicy Bike – Progress report

It’s been just over eighteen months since I bought my e-bike which has had a huge impact on my physical and mental wellbeing.

During that time my physical activity levels have increased dramatically. Regular outings on my bike have contributed, as has the ability to track my activity with an activity tracker. I am two stone lighter as a result and fitter than I have been for years!

Aside from the benefit to my overall fitness levels, exercise is also good for your brain and mental  faculties. I use the time on my bike to think things through that I might be deliberating over. I find it very therapeutic and when I return from a ride I have pretty much figured out whatever it is I was tossing around in my mind.

That’s the update on me – what about the bike! Aside from run of the mill punctures it has been trouble free. Maintenance wise, I have washed it a few times, tightened a few bolts occasionally and lubricated those components that were in need.

My rides tend to be one to two hours maximum, that’s a range of ten to thirty miles. Why no longer? I have a lot of other interests I fit into my day. Over the summer months I probably average just over three outings per week. My mileage to date, according to Strava, is about two thousand miles.

One of the aspects I was concerned about when buying an e-bike was the reliability and last-ability of the battery. The fifty mile range battery has served me well. I do only use it when I’m pedalling up steeper inclines or against stronger headwinds. My cycling legs have certainly improved over time! The battery seems in good condition and I have not noticed any significant drop in performance. So hopefully this will last me another few months yet.

Juicy Bikes have always responded in a timely way to any queries I have thrown their way. Even the daft ones! I found them helpful and friendly in dealing with my initial enquiries all those months ago. They also have a good range of bikes (at reasonable prices) which should satisfy most people’s requirements.

So for those wannabe cyclists out there, it’s never too late to get back in the saddle!

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Bike Wash!


Came across this while I was over in BC, Canada. Car washes I’ve seen, but bike washes? Maybe they are common over there?

This tricycle could probably do with a good clean as well as a full maintenance program!


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